Original Releases

All of Hank's Albums are available here:

Tuesdays - 2018

 July 28, 2015. Chris Roman approaches me(on behalf of he and his father Jay)at a mutual gig and asks if I might be interested in recording Can't Find My Way Home (Blind Faith,Steve Winwood) for a compilation of songs with local musicians.I said sure,suspecting nothing and started to explore the song. We began recording in October on Tuesdays we both had free. This gave me time to prepare,practice and think about the next step (bass,vocals,guitar,etc.)for each song. Then they asked if I would like to do a whole album (yes,those big disks). Usually the process of recording is done as quickly as possible with lots of pressure and and always a nod to cost and clock,so this was a bit different. So I said sure,what do I have to do on Tuesdays?

Peace - 2014

Peace is a collection of Hank’s songs that create an almost visual soundscape for an unexpected and sometimes smooth and sometimes bumpy journey through North and South Americana.. Many brilliant musicians and friends from Nashville to Sioux Falls to Van Nuys to Redwood City have collaborated on the disc. Stories of peace, love both lost and found, flexibility, crisis and calm. Stories about life.

Shortcut to Hanksville - 2009

Hank Harris exhibits masterful songwriting skills in his latest CD, Shortcut to Hanksville. He is accompanied by world class musicians and the combo is diverse and gender busting. His tunes are heartfelt, emotional and brave.

Fantasyland - 2002

Soulful, ethereal, socially conscious songs.

Fantasyland spans a range of musical approaches and does it well. Hank Harris has compiled quite a list of instruments that are played throughout the songs on this album, including several horns, keyboards, a glockenspiel, melodica, triangle, and a chair.

Here - 1999

Five Stars for Hank Harris’ HERE   Eerie vibrations become the catalyst for this foreboding masterpiece of musical suspense. With his earthy and manly crooning, Hank Harris seductively coaxes the listeners’ ear into a frenzied hysteria.  A deliciously  intoxicating piece of work. -  ISMW INDIE PICK OF THE MONTH  -

World Beat Cowboy - 1997

Rootsy pop music with world beat overtones from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

“this album confirms what many South Dakotans have knows for years, Harris is a songwriter’s songwriter, a deft tunesmith able to convey complex emotions in a straightforward, compelling manner.”

– Bob Keyes, Sioux Falls Argus Leader